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At 8 a.m. IMG_2268everyone checked out of their rooms and met in the lobby.  The 12 of us boarded the bus for a tour of Wuhan. The first stop was the Yellow Crane Park. There we walked around a bit and took pictures. Some members of the group were adventurous and climbed to the top of one of the structures, but I decided to hang out at the bottom since my cold started to get the better of me. 20140926_102130_resized_1[2]

After about an hour of sightseeing, we got back on the bus and went to the famous Wuhan museum. There we saw a lot of relics from one of the tombs we visited in Beijing, and it was cool to see the different pieces in each city and then put the puzzle together.

Then, we toured an exhibit featuring lots of artifacts from Napoleon, and I think this was the best part of the museum. After that we went to lunch. As we toured throughout the area, I was very impressed at the size of Wuhan, which was described to me as the New York City of China, but I thiIMG_2272 (1)nk it’s a far cry from it!  Our lunch consisted of a variety of dishes popular to Wuhan such as whole-cooked freshwater fish, spicy fried pork, sautéed spinach and fried pork stuffed lotus root. We were in our own private dining room, and it seems that this is a standard practice in China. Instead of the typical open style seating, each group gets a mini private banquet area equipped with our own servers.IMG_2264 (1)

After lunch, we went to the train station in Wuhan. I happily can say that this experience was so much better than my train station experience in Beijing. No one got lost and we even negotiated our way to the platform prior to the train’s arrival. We were treated like VIPs again, and we were all very grateful since we had so much luggage to haul. Thankfully our bags were a lot lighter, since we used most of the items we brought with us  for the expo in Wuhan.

We boarded the train and began our journey to Shanghai. This trip took almost six hours, which was longer than the trip from Beijing to Wuhan, even though that was greater in distance. This was due to the fact that this train only went 187 Km/hour instead of the 304 km/hour that our last train did and this train stopped more and stayed at each stop for more than 2 minutes. When we finally made it to Shanghai at 10 p.m., we met our host. His name was Golden, and he was our translator for the last leg of the trip. We loaded up our bags and got to the hotel around 11 p.m. It was a really nice hotel in the heart of Shanghai, and I was so very happy to finally be getting into bed.