This morning, I got up and felt like death warmed over. After I showered, I met everyone in the lobby at 9am and told them that I wasn’t going with them on the tour. Thankfully two others stayed behind and I hung out with them at breakfast. Since I went to bed the night before hungry, I had to eat something. After breakfast I went back to the room and took a nap because last night I woke up at 2am with my throat on fire and searched my bags for some kind of something to soothe my throat. Thankfully I bought some gummies in the store a few days ago to bring home as a gift and those did the trick. After my nap, I met up with Minh and Goli who are from LA and were both affiliated with Ai of Orange County. They have been on the trip with me from day one and have formed a really great bond with them and the rest of the group. I was starting to feel a little more alive and needed some more cold medicine since I exhausted my original supply, so we ventured to the Super Brand Mall. I went to this mall in 2010 and love all ten stories of it so I had a good feeling that I would be able to find more cold medicine there. After a twenty minute cab ride that only cost us not even five US dollars, we started to explore the mall. We first went to Watson’s which is like our Walgreens here and I had no luck finding any sort of cold medicine. Everything was obviously written in Chinese so that didn’t help the situation! After I struck out in Watson’s, we went to the Lotus Supermarket and low and behold, I found the goods. I went to the drug counter and called over the lady. Then I grabbed my throat, coughed and told her I needed medicine. She picked up a box, grabbed my passport,  I paid and was on my merry way! I was so happy that I skipped over to Minh and Goli who were running around the rest of the store buying up all kinds of Chinese goodies. After we all checked out we walked around the mall some more and stumbled upon a Hooters. Minh was excited, so we went and had a small taste of American food in Shanghai. We ordered some naked medium wings, curly fries and cherished the amazing ranch that they gave us to dip our wings. The food wasn’t exactly the same as it is in the US, but it was as close as we were going to get!


After lunch we explored the rest of the ten floors and made our way back to the hotel. We had some time until the rest of the group came back, so I took another nap. After my two hour nap, I showered again to wake up and met the group downstairs so we could go to dinner. I was very happy to go to dinner because we were going to on of my favorite places in the world, Din Tai Fung. I ate here in China in 2010 and have been craving their famous Chinese Shanghai Soup Dumplings since.IMG_2391                                                 We courageously took the subway and made our way to the dumpling mecca. After a quick wait, the eight of us sat down and gorged on a scrumptious variety of Shanghainese cuisine. We were all in heaven and I immediately felt alive after eating such an amazing meal, plus drinking a pot of tea helped sooth my nasty cold. We made our way back to the hotel and discussed our plans for our last day in China.