This is the day I have waited for since I landed in China. I got up early and finished packing my bags. I had weigh them a few times and adjust the goods in each bags so I wouldn’t exceed the baggage weight limits. I was hoping to leave one suitcase behind but apparently I bought too much stuff in China and brought back lots of full luggage! After I had a very relaxing morning, I brought my stuff to the lobby at 12pm and checked out of the hotel. We waited thirty minutes, met our driver and loaded the van. There was only four of us left out of the group, but we all had enough luggage for about eight people. We packed it Tetris style and drove an hour to the airport. When we got to the airport, I said goodbye to Steve and Alisa, John and I went through Customs and security. We all surprisingly were on the same flight to Chicago which I was very happy about it and made the 13 hour and 30 minute flight a little more bearable. We got through the checkpoints, had a small bite to eat and made our way to the plane. This flight was super full and it felt like they were herding cattle. We all boarded the flight, took our seats and prepared ourselves for the flight. Unfortunately we didn’t sit together and because the flight was packed, the seat next to me was filled. We left the Shanghai at 4:30pm on Tuesday September 30, and arrived in Chicago at 5:30pm on September 30th. Yes it sounds weird, but I was 12 hours behind in China. Once I got to Chicago, I went through customs, collected my luggage and said goodbye to Alisa and John since this was their final destination. I rechecked my bags, and found my way to the next gate. On my way there, I stopped at Garrett’s popcorn and picked up some popcorn and then I went to McDonalds and had a cheeseburger, fries and a Coca-Cola. Even though I despise McDonald’s, I for some reason found joy in my first meal back in the states. I gobbled up my fast food, found my gate for Philadelphia and sat around for two hours. When I thought this day could not get any longer, my flight was delayed. I finally boarded at 8:15pm but we didn’t take off until 9pm which put me into Philly at midnight. When I finally got home at 1am, my dog was so excited to see me and the feeling was mutual! I began to unpack and sort through all of my stuff. I started getting tired around 2:30am and went to bed with my dog laying by my side.