Montgomery County Community College

‘Food through the Decades’ Exhibit

An exhibition highlighting food trends, popular recipes and top chefs of the last five decades 


           On October 6th, an opening reception took place for the Food Through The Decades exhibit located at the Brendlinger Library on the main floor of College Hall at the Central Campus of Montgomery County Community College. Mrs. Joan Levanios donated a portion of the extensive cooking library of her late husband, Michael Levanios, Jr. to the Culinary Arts Institute (CAI). The collection includes thousands of magazines—Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Saveur, as well as others—and cookbooks spanning more than five decades. This collection illustrates the trends and fads in food and food preparation. Librarian Lianne Hartman created the display and it will be open to the public until November 3rd.

 While motion picture producer/director Michael Levanios, Jr., had a long, successful career creating films, he also had a passion for cooking. According to his wife Joan, he would usually take three days to prepare for a meal—planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients and then coordinating the timing and execution of each dish. With his filmmaking business, Montage Productions (based in Philadelphia), he traveled worldwide, ate in some of the finest restaurants, worked with several famous chefs and developed a deep appreciation for fine cuisine.2014-10-06FoodthruAges-5

            The reception highlighted the exhibit with foods from the decades such as Chicken Satay, Rice Krispie Treats, Bruschetta, California rolls and chocolate fondue with pound cake, fruit, and pretzels. Tang was the beverage served as it has an iconic role in timeline of American food and beverage. Chef Francine Marz, Director of the Culinary Arts Institute of Montgomery County Community College spoke about this exhibit and recognized Mrs. Levanios who was in attendance.

 – Taken from the Food through the Decades Media Advisory by Diane Van Dyke, Public Relations Coordinator, Communications and Marketing of Montgomery County Community College

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