Four teams advanced to the second round of CAI’s challenging Iron Chef Competition held on Jan. 31, 2015, at the Culinary Arts Institute of Montgomery County Community College. For this round, the aspiring student chefs needed to rapidly develop dish ideas as they unveiled the mystery ingredients and raced the clock. It was all about taste, presentation, neatness and creativity. The teams included Marla Feder and Agatha Kriebel, Myke Eggers and Paul Smith, Rolene Perumal and Can Uslu Sancar, and John Bucci and Paul Solarte. After a grueling round, the judges selected Rolene Perumal and Can Uslu Sancar and John Bucci and Paul Solarte to advance to the final round on April 25, during the Culinary Arts Institute’s open house. Stop by, visit CAI’s beautiful facility and find out who will win CAI’s Iron Chef Competition. Photos by Sandi Yanisko.